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Helloo guyys!! Good to be back to blogging again!

So recently I went to this themed cafe all the way in North Jakarta, just to see the hype of the other bloggers with this cafe. So this cafe opened to public on May 18, 2016 and ever since then, there has been a long queue. After a few months of waiting I finally got to sit and eat at this cafe.FullSizeRender

When you first go in this cafe, you will be bedazzled with all the pastel colour explosion of this cafe. From the floor up to the ceiling, its mostly covered with Hello Kitty! Fans of Hello Kitty would be very excited to be eating in this cafe.IMG_1185IMG_1184

They serve light snacks, meals and drinks with a price ranging from  IDR 28k to IDR 108k for food and IDR 18k to IDR 98k for drink.


Acai Bowl-Rp. 88,000

FullSizeRender (1)

Honey Brownies – Rp. 78,000

AM (@ariannemanibog)



Hello Kitty Cafe

Ruko Crown Golf Block D No. 29-30

Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk

North Jakarta Instagram: @hellokittycafejkt

Trattoria || Authenitc Italian

Trattoria is located in Pondok Indah Golf Course Gallery, right next to Street Gallery (PIM 3). It is famous for its authentic Italian cuisine they have Antipasti (Starters), Soups, Salads,Homemade Pasta, homemade Pizza, Main Courses (meat and fish), Dessert and many varieties of alcoholic & non-alcoholic drinks.



Welcoming snack, a refreshing salsa on crispy bread


Free starter, 3 types of bread and with request you may add balsamic vinegar and olive oil


Ice Lemon tea



Margarita pizza


Pork spaghetti

For the salad, i was a big fan as it went well with each other it has a sour dressing but it fits with the other elements of the dish. My drink, ice Lemon Tea was sour but you may request to add more sugar syrup to reduce the sourness. The Margarita pizza was so good, but if you like spicy you may ask for tabasco and chili flakes to spice up the pizza. Lastly, the pasta, pork meat spaghetti was so delicious as it was fresh, no canned goods used :D!!

The prices in Trattoria are pretty high, however its worth it as they are sharing dishes so you get to save up alot. However, theres another option where you can choose a set menu (Rp. 120,000 per person) and you get a bit of salad, a bit of pizza, a bit of main course, a dessert and a drink. This option is good if you wanna save but also want to try all their courses they provide.

AM (@ariannemanibog)

Ikea Escapade

Im pretty sure that most of us has been to Ikea once. This is my second time I visited Ikea and i still had an overall fun experience.

Ikea originated in Sweden around 70 years ago, the so called “Ikea experience” to the customer in the store had to be interesting, family-friendly, enjoyable and fun.

The very first Ikea store in Indonesia was opened since late 2014, its located in Alam Sutera,Tangerang. Until today, Ikea is still a very popular place to go to in Jakarta.

Ikea’s system of self-service (DIY) has made their furniture much more affordable and also made us independent.

Covering 35,000 sqm, Ikea has over 50 room showcases and 3 complete homes to inspire us. It also has a restaurant which could fit 700 people on the first floor, a supply room with everything shown on the showcases and  approximately  1,000 car parks.You will find everything you need in just one location.062becc7-e4c6-4412-80cf-9109afdd056c


Walking around Ikea is tiring, so I stopped by at their restaurant to gain my energy back. There are not much choices to choose from but their food prices are relatively cheap!

0459b9e8-587c-4810-ac7c-9b72b68e6b08After I replenished my energy, I went down and looked for bits and pieces i needed for my home and after many turns, I finally found the cashier.





4a573ca9-30f9-4b94-862d-e3cf9221cbcc82f44459-3490-4e1f-8245-0bb36f6b0e79Afterwards, I went to the Food market in (front of the cashiers) where they sell imported biscuits and drinks.
09e55b7a-d571-4b3d-be64-31918aed4052Before going home, we had to stop at the snack shop to buy the famous Rp, 4,000 Ice cream served in a machine where you have to place a token in. The Ice cream tastes very rich and yummy. Not only does it sell ice-cream but the shop also sells hotdogs, chicken bread and more however it is a “must buy” to get the ice cream as it completes the Ikea experience.

Ikea is a huge place, I recommend you to go there when you have a full day to yourself as looking at the showcases and everything there would take a  while!


AM (@ariannemanibog)