Giving Manhattan Fish Market a try!

   Last Sunday,Ariane and I were looking for something to eat at Grand Indonesia. We spotted a restaurant called Manhattan Fish Market and decided to give it a try. There are 4 branches in Jakarta which are in Grand Indonesia,Lotte Shopping Avenue,Kemang Village and Central Park.The restaurant serves a variety of seafood platters.
We ordered the quad delight,spicy baked fish,and the Manhattan fish n chips. My best dishes was the spicy baked fish which was topped with an extra-spicy marinade,complemented with garlic herb rice and hot veggies.
Yes,they are kinda similar to Fish N Co but i gotta admit that Manhattan has a more pungent taste compared to Fish N Co.
To sum up,the restaurant has a great ambiance and the prices were considered to be reasonable as their seafood were really fresh! You guys should give it a try, especially for those of you who are seafood lovers!