From Bali to Jakarta | Nalu Bowls

THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! The popular smoothie bowl in Bali, a.k.a Nalu Bowls is finally here in Jakarta. Who says healthy foods are all unappetizing? Well, I can make sure that Nalu Bowls’ smoothies can turn your mindset around. With experienced staffs imported from Bali, the taste and quality are still in the same standard.  No more wasting money going to Bali just to taste the hype as it is finally here!

I went there a few days after the opening of the store and it was really full as the place is quite small. Despite that, the beachy vibes managed to soothe my mood. I was lucky enough to get a table right after I arrived the place.

From all the smoothie bowls they offered, the best seller is J-bay. This one is recommended for all peanut butter lovers out there! It is made up of peanut butter, banana, honey and soy milk. However, it was too late for me to order J-bay as the staff told me after I made my orders. My orders were Mavericks (the original Bali acai bowl, which consists of acai blend, granola, banana, strawberries, coconut flakes and honey) and pipeline (for those who like pina colada, it consists of banana, pineapple, mango, coconut, coconut milk and coconut water). From the two smoothie bowls I ordered, I preferred pipeline as mavericks was too sour for me (sorry to say!). Their homemade granola made me fall in love with them and I’m pretty sure you’ll fall for it too. I will surely try their  J-bay in my next visit! Giving a scale of 7/10 for Nalu Bowls Jakarta 🙂



Address: Jalan Kemang Timur No.69D

Open from 7 a.m. to 6.30 p.m.




> Hello Kitty Cafe <

Helloo guyys!! Good to be back to blogging again!

So recently I went to this themed cafe all the way in North Jakarta, just to see the hype of the other bloggers with this cafe. So this cafe opened to public on May 18, 2016 and ever since then, there has been a long queue. After a few months of waiting I finally got to sit and eat at this cafe.FullSizeRender

When you first go in this cafe, you will be bedazzled with all the pastel colour explosion of this cafe. From the floor up to the ceiling, its mostly covered with Hello Kitty! Fans of Hello Kitty would be very excited to be eating in this cafe.IMG_1185IMG_1184

They serve light snacks, meals and drinks with a price ranging from  IDR 28k to IDR 108k for food and IDR 18k to IDR 98k for drink.


Acai Bowl-Rp. 88,000

FullSizeRender (1)

Honey Brownies – Rp. 78,000

AM (@ariannemanibog)



Hello Kitty Cafe

Ruko Crown Golf Block D No. 29-30

Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk

North Jakarta Instagram: @hellokittycafejkt

Giving Manhattan Fish Market a try!

   Last Sunday,Ariane and I were looking for something to eat at Grand Indonesia. We spotted a restaurant called Manhattan Fish Market and decided to give it a try. There are 4 branches in Jakarta which are in Grand Indonesia,Lotte Shopping Avenue,Kemang Village and Central Park.The restaurant serves a variety of seafood platters.
We ordered the quad delight,spicy baked fish,and the Manhattan fish n chips. My best dishes was the spicy baked fish which was topped with an extra-spicy marinade,complemented with garlic herb rice and hot veggies.
Yes,they are kinda similar to Fish N Co but i gotta admit that Manhattan has a more pungent taste compared to Fish N Co.
To sum up,the restaurant has a great ambiance and the prices were considered to be reasonable as their seafood were really fresh! You guys should give it a try, especially for those of you who are seafood lovers!



Impromptu visit to Hutan Mangrove

Just so you know, Im not that person who could stay home for the whole day.
I was having my term-break and remembered there was a day when i got really bored and had nothing to do.I  know i should have studied, but studying the whole day obviously stresses me out.
I decided to text my friends and ask them if we could meet up.
Turned out that they were free and we decided to go to PIK(pantai indah kapuk) to have our lunch.

Why PIK?

PIK has been one of my favourite place to eat as there are so many varieties of food there!
After we had our lunch,i told my friends that theres a forest nearby called “Hutan Mangrove” and that we should take a few shots there.

Long story short,We arrived at the entrance feeling unsure that it was the right place as it was so silent and there were not much people there.Not long,we met the ticketing guy and he welcomed us in a friendly way.The entrance fee was affordable which costed us Rp 25,000 per person.





We spent around 40 minutes at the forest taking pictures and canoeing.
On a scale from 0-10,im giving it a 7.

If you plan to visit the place,i suggest you to bring mosquito repellent/sprays to prevent yourself from the itchy bites.


CS. (@christellasoewandy)