Ikea Escapade

Im pretty sure that most of us has been to Ikea once. This is my second time I visited Ikea and i still had an overall fun experience.

Ikea originated in Sweden around 70 years ago, the so called “Ikea experience” to the customer in the store had to be interesting, family-friendly, enjoyable and fun.

The very first Ikea store in Indonesia was opened since late 2014, its located in Alam Sutera,Tangerang. Until today, Ikea is still a very popular place to go to in Jakarta.

Ikea’s system of self-service (DIY) has made their furniture much more affordable and also made us independent.

Covering 35,000 sqm, Ikea has over 50 room showcases and 3 complete homes to inspire us. It also has a restaurant which could fit 700 people on the first floor, a supply room with everything shown on the showcases and  approximately  1,000 car parks.You will find everything you need in just one location.062becc7-e4c6-4412-80cf-9109afdd056c


Walking around Ikea is tiring, so I stopped by at their restaurant to gain my energy back. There are not much choices to choose from but their food prices are relatively cheap!

0459b9e8-587c-4810-ac7c-9b72b68e6b08After I replenished my energy, I went down and looked for bits and pieces i needed for my home and after many turns, I finally found the cashier.





4a573ca9-30f9-4b94-862d-e3cf9221cbcc82f44459-3490-4e1f-8245-0bb36f6b0e79Afterwards, I went to the Food market in (front of the cashiers) where they sell imported biscuits and drinks.
09e55b7a-d571-4b3d-be64-31918aed4052Before going home, we had to stop at the snack shop to buy the famous Rp, 4,000 Ice cream served in a machine where you have to place a token in. The Ice cream tastes very rich and yummy. Not only does it sell ice-cream but the shop also sells hotdogs, chicken bread and more however it is a “must buy” to get the ice cream as it completes the Ikea experience.

Ikea is a huge place, I recommend you to go there when you have a full day to yourself as looking at the showcases and everything there would take a  while!


AM (@ariannemanibog)