Impromptu visit to Hutan Mangrove

Just so you know, Im not that person who could stay home for the whole day.
I was having my term-break and remembered there was a day when i got really bored and had nothing to do.I  know i should have studied, but studying the whole day obviously stresses me out.
I decided to text my friends and ask them if we could meet up.
Turned out that they were free and we decided to go to PIK(pantai indah kapuk) to have our lunch.

Why PIK?

PIK has been one of my favourite place to eat as there are so many varieties of food there!
After we had our lunch,i told my friends that theres a forest nearby called “Hutan Mangrove” and that we should take a few shots there.

Long story short,We arrived at the entrance feeling unsure that it was the right place as it was so silent and there were not much people there.Not long,we met the ticketing guy and he welcomed us in a friendly way.The entrance fee was affordable which costed us Rp 25,000 per person.





We spent around 40 minutes at the forest taking pictures and canoeing.
On a scale from 0-10,im giving it a 7.

If you plan to visit the place,i suggest you to bring mosquito repellent/sprays to prevent yourself from the itchy bites.


CS. (@christellasoewandy)